Monday, April 17, 2017

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Today, I'm linking up with Book Date to share this week's TBR.

Just finished:
The Secret Keeper

Currently reading:
A Fragile HopeNone Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing)

Up next:
A Stranger at Fellsworth (Treasures of Surrey, #3)Truly Madly GuiltyThe Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I've not read these books, yet. Happy Reading! I'm visiting from the Reading with Beth blog.

  2. I recently tried to listen to Truly Madly Guilty, but couldn't get into it. Have you read any of her others? I read Big Little Lies (liked it quite a bit) but TMG seemed to follow the same style, which I think is what made it hard for me to get into. But it's gotten good reviews, so I'm wondering if I should give it another try!

    1. I've read Big Little Lies. I'm interested to see how similar the two are. Happy reading!

  3. They're all new to me. Enjoy your books.

    I'm back from my trip. It didn't turn out as planned but we had fun. Come see what we did and what I read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!