Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Reads

Here is the lowdown on my reading this month.
Dearly Loved ~ Bonnie Blythe ~ B
Cute chick-lit/romance. I got it for my Kindle for 99 cents. I think it was self published, but still a good read. A man walks back into a woman's life. They were 'friends' in high school. She was a nice girl, he was a player. Now he wants to settle down and get serious.

Last Light ~ Terri Blackstock ~ B
Good, fast paced thriller/mystery. I got this one free for my Kindle. Something causes all technology world wide to stop working. The book focuses on one family learning how to survive with no electricity, cell phones, xbox, get the picture. There are three more in the series that I want to read eventually. I will say the writing was not all that great, and one of the characters was really annoying, but the story was fun.

Dug Down Deep ~ Joshua Harris ~ A
Review here.

On Who is God ~ Mark Driscoll ~ A
Another Kindle Cheapie. Very good, short, easy to read explanation of  God and why we believe what we believe. There is a series of these books on different aspects of the Christian faith, and I hope tho read them all. Highly recommended.

The Great Divide ~ T. Davis Bunn ~ B-
I originally gave this book a C+, but I decided that was a little harsh. It is a political/legal thriller which aren't really my cup of tea. It is about a lawyer who takes on an unwinable case against the Chinese government and a large American corporation. There is a good twist at the end.

The Potluck Club ~ Linda evens Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson ~ B+
Kindle freebie. I liked this book. It reminded me of The Yada Yada books. A group of friends meet every month to 'pray' together. Mostly they eat and gossip. By the end of the book they begin to know what real prayer looks like, and have grown closer together. There are some yummy sounding recipes at the end of the book too. I plan to read the next 2 in the series as soon as I can get my hands on them.

Alice's Tulips ~ Sandra Dallas ~ B+
Disclaimer: This is not a Christian book. That being said I really enjoyed it. It is clean, and I don't remember any bad language. There are some adult themes, and the author gets her opinion about abortion in a couple of times.The story is set during the Civil War in Iowa. It is told in letters between Alice and her sister. Alice does a lot of growing throughout the book, which is good, because she starts out rather petty and selfish. Even though it is not a Christian book, Christianity is present and treated respectfully for the most part. I plan on trying out another book by this author at some point.

Well, it looks like the best books I read this month were theology books. I added my favorites to the side bar. If you read any of these let me know what you think.