Saturday, August 5, 2017

Book Review ~ The Road to Paradise by Karen Barnett

The Road to Paradise (Shadows of the Wilderness #1)
The Road to Paradise

This was the first book I've read by Karen Barnett and I really enjoyed it. The setting in Mount Rainer National Park was excellent. The author really knows her stuff. The main character, Margie, reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. She is optimistic and frequently quotes poetry. Her love interest, Ford, is very down to earth. They balance each other out well.

The story moved along at a good pace, and I found myself cheering Margie and Ford on as they tried to save the park from Margie's former fiance and his scheme to turn it into a tourist attraction. If you are looking for a quick sweet read with beautiful scenery you should give this book a try.

I received this book for free for the purpose of review.

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