Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Wrap Up

Here are some short, sweet reviews of the books I read in May.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism

I wanted to read more theology books this year, and this is an author that my pastor recommends often. I found the first half of the book more readable than the second half. Lots of philosophy is woven in throughout. I would definitely recommend it if you you are looking for something with a little more meat to it than some of the Christian living books out right now.

I See You

This was super fast paced, and I loved it! I didn't really see the end coming. It has made me rethink social media a bit. And I won't be riding public transportation any time soon. Creepy!

The Orphan's Tale

This book ended up being a little heavier than I expected. It was very good, but it didn't rise to the place that The Nightingale and Secrets of a Charmed Life did. Still, if you enjoy WW2 fiction, this is a good one to try.

Anything Is Possible

I think it's safe to say Elizabeth Strout isn't for me. I really disliked this short story collection. I also disliked Olive Kitteridge and it won a Pulitzer, so what do I know? I liked two of the stories. I found the rest to be awful. I'm so glad I don't live in that town with those people.

Wings of the Wind (Out from Egypt #3)

I've really enjoyed all of the books in this series. I did a full review here.

Catching the Wind

This was a really nice dual timeline story. I did a full review here.

Piecing Me Together

I read this book for Modern Mrs. Darcy's book club. It's basically a fish out of water story. If you're looking for a YA contemporary that doesn't focus on romance this is a great one to try. It's a very easy read. I did feel like the writing never really rose above a  middle school level, but it was a great story and very timely.

Brown Girl Dreaming

This is a lovely story told through verse. It was really nice to sit down in the evening and read a few chapters before bed. This book chronicles the author's childhood during the 1960's. Highly recommended if you enjoy middle grade reading.

What did you read this month? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. I really liked the audiobook version of Brown Girl Dreaming! I tried the second book by Woodson, Another Brooklyn (about her teenage and young adult years) and I stopped midway because I wasn't liking it. My husband loves The Reason for God and wants me to read it but it seems a bit daunting. I think I want to read Keller's Prodigal God first