Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WORDful Wednesday

Russty asked me to do something for him this morning. It was a simple task. Look in the box under the bed that has all the CD's in and find a particular song. I knew the song and what CD it was so it was a fairly easy task. What I didn't know was that I would be thrown into a fit of 90's nostalgia that would have me creating playlists and looking up artist web sites all morning. I remembered being a twenty year old bride and leaving home for the first time, becoming a mom, and fumbling through a faith that was finally my own and not just something I believed because I was raised to believe it.

Move in Me by Michael W Smith is a song that reflects my faith journey. I couldn't find a good video of it, but the lyrics are amazing by themselves. The song is on the album My Utmost For His Highest which you can download here, and the lyrics are below.

I am only human
Struggling to find
Confidence in all that I believe
You are only holy
You are love defined
And you have said to ask and I'll recieve

So I have come to pray
That you will come and fill
The hunger here inside me to grow
Stronger in the faith
There's a longing and a need
To have you ever closer
Come fill me

Cause when you move in me
It's like a symphony
The timeless melody
That soothes my soul
Though silent I can tell
That you're alive and well
Cause I can feel you move
In me

What they try to tell me
Is that your love is false
And faith is just a way
I choose to feel
And that there was no meaning
To You upon the cross
And I should reach for something that is real
And when those words are said
The questions in me start
And I don't have any answers
Until I stop thinking with my head
And start listening to my heart
And there I find my assurance
I tell them

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