Monday, March 5, 2012

Isn't That a Wonderful Beginning?

As I said in an earlier post, I tend to judge a book by its opening lines.

"Alice pouted as she looked out her bedroom window" doesn't really pique my interest too much. I have actually written down some of my favorite opening lines so I can go back and enjoy them later. Does that make me strange? Possibly. Or maybe just quirky. Anyway, here are some of my favorite opening lines.

It was ironic. I lay in my jail cell on a squeaky iron bunk, gazing at the stained mattress above me, and I remembered the day I first understood the meaning of the word ironic. (Though Waters Roar ~ Lynn Austin)

"Ah you ladies! Always on the spot when there's something happening!" The voice belonged to Mr. Mallett, one of our church wardens, and its roguish tone made me start guiltily, almost as if I had no right to be discovered outside my own front door. (Excellent Women ~ Barbara Pym)

While Pearl Tull was dying, a funny thought occurred to her. It twitched her lips and rustled her breath, and she felt her son lean forward from where he kept watch by her bed. "get..." she told him. "You should have got..." You should have got an extra mother was what she meant to say. ( Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant ~ Anne Tyler)

Waiting is a complicated longing. I lost my father when I was fifteen, and I've been waiting ever since.(After the Leaves Fall ~ Nicole Baart)

So what are your favorite opening lines?

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