Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Review: The Choice

The Choice by Robert Whitlow is part legal thriller and part women's fiction. The plot of the story revolves around Sandy Lincoln and the decisions she makes after she finds out she is pregnant at the age of seventeen. The story explores the themes of the sanctity of life, the moral issues of the abortion movement, adoption and the bonds of motherhood.

The beginning of The Choice is set in 1974 just a couple of years after Roe v. Wade. Sandy discovers she is pregnant and is pressured by most of the people around her to have an abortion. One lone aunt offers to let Sandy live with her while she is pregnant and encourages her to put the unborn child up for adoption. This offer changes the course of Sandy and her unborn child's life forever. The second half of the book deals with the effects of the adoption on Sandy's adult life, and her relationship with an unwed pregnant teen at the school where she teaches.

I thought the author did a good job showing how precious life is, and how one decision can change everyone's lives for the better. There was a strange supernatural element to the story that I could have done without, but other wise I enjoyed the book. I would recommend The Choice to fans of women's fiction and/or legal thrillers.

I received this book for free from Booksneeze for the purpose of review.

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