Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review ~ Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury

I picked up Angels Walking, Karen Kingsbury's newest book, hoping for a light, quick read. Her books have fast moving plots that I can usually plow through in a day. This one, for some reason, just did not hold my interest. The story centers around young minor league pitcher, his former girlfriend,  and the team of angels sent to intervene in their lives and get them back together. 

I enjoyed the supernatural aspects of the story. I liked the angels, and thought the author did a good job working them into the story in a believable way. I think I struggled the most with the romance aspect of the story. I never felt like I had much invested in the relationship, and didn't relly care if they got together.

If you are a Karen Kingsbury fan, you will probably want to give this a try. It wasn't my favorite by her, but it wasn't bad. It just didn't connect with me the way some of her other books have.

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