Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review:Jesus Calling Devotional Bible

Recently, I was given an opportunity to read and review the Jesus Calling Devotional Bible edited by Sarah Young. This Bible includes 260 prayers with devotional answers from Sarah Young's books, scriptures highlighted throughout the text, and an index to the devotions. The copy I received is a hard cover, NKJ version.

I have found the set up of this Bible  to be fairly easy to follow. The devotions are organized into subjects and indexed in the front. Some of the subjects are abiding, brokenness, hope, joy, peace, and worship. You simply choose the subject you want to read and go to the indicated page. The devotions are on a two page spread with a prayer on the left side and the devotion on the right. Sarah Young's devotions are unique, because they are told in the first person from God's point of view. I really enjoy this writing style. It's very personal, and has given me a new perspective on God and his word. The only problem I had with this Bible came when I was looking up particular passages. The devotion pages are not numbered, and the prayer pages are numbered halfway down the page. This cause a little confusion, but overall I liked the set up.

This is a beautiful devotional Bible that I think most Christians would enjoy. I think the writing style would be preferred by women, but men might enjoy it, too. It would make a lovely gift, and, because the devotions are not dated, it can be given at anytime of the year.

I received this book for free from Book Sneeze for the purpose of review.

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