Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spring Reading Thing 2011 ~ Conclusion

Spring is over, and so is the Spring Reading Thing challenge at Callapider Days. I did pretty well this year. I had 10 books on my list, and I read most of them, gave up on a few of them, and am still reading one of them. Here is a break down of my list and how I rated each book.

Books I completed:
Sing ~ Lisa T Bergran ~ C
Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ ~ John Piper ~ A
The Shadow Women ~ Angela Hunt ~ A
Thin Places ~ Mary DeMuth ~ A
The Pirate Queen ~ C-
Life in Defiance ~ Mary DeMuth ~ A

Books I gave up on:
The Moment Between ~ Nicole Baart
Paradise Valley ~ Dale Cramer
Green Rider ~ Kristin Britain

Still reading:
Jane Eyre ~ Charlotte Bronte

I had a lot of fun and read some great books. You can check out what the other participants did here.

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  1. You did well. I'll have to add a few you've rated well to my want to read list!