Thursday, May 12, 2011

Swimming With the Penguins

Anna and I have spent the last few weeks doing a penguin unit study. We have have studied not only penguins, but also their habitats, predators, Antarctica, the Arctic, and the men who explored Antarctica and the Arctic. When we do a unit study, we incorporate as many subjects into it as possible. Instead of just doing science when we do an animal study, I find ways to work in social studies and language arts as much as possible.

We read lots of books when we do a unit study. I had a picture of the 14 library books I had checked out for Anna to read. Russty deleted it. He says he thought they were EBay pictures. Honestly! Here is a list of them: 
Antartica~Wendy Viero
Life Under ice~Mary M.Cerullo
Summer Ice~Bruce McMillan
Sir Earnest Shackleton~Hal Marcovitz
What's a Penguin Doing in a Place Like This~MiriumSchlein
Penguins~Gail Gibbons
Penguins and Polar Bears~Sandra Lee Crow
 The Emperor's Egg~Martin Jenkins
Penguins and their chicks~Margaret Hall
Penguins and Antarctica~Mary Pope Osbourne
Eve of the Emperor Penguin~Mary Pope Osbourne
Mr. Popper's Penguins~Richard and Florence Atwater
Black Whiteness~Robert Burleigh

Yes, Anna read them all. We also blubbered through March of the Penguins together. Anna has inherited my low tolerance for nature documentaries. For written work, I printed worksheets from Homeschool Share which is a wonderful resource for unit studies. Lots of free stuff. We put them in the scrapbook she has been working on this year. Here are some pics.

I am now working on a lion/Africa unit study to finish out the year. I'm so excited! I'll do a post on it when we're done.

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