Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Twitterature ~ January 2014

Here are some short reviews of what I've been reading lately:

When Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell
I really enjoyed this sequel to Into the Free. This is the story of Bump and Millie's marriage and move to Colorado. In this book, they have to deal with all the pain Millie went through before. Both of these books deal with heavy themes of abuse and forgiveness. They are both beautifully written. Very recommended.

This was an interesting twist on the tale of Scheherazade. A female pirate kidnaps a chef and forces him to cook for her (every woman's dream). The chef struggles to find ingredients to use, but eventually he prevails and impresses the Captain. I mostly enjoyed this story, but I found the middle to be a bit long.

Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin
Lovely book about the author's trip to Israel. It's very devotional in style. I'm right in the middle of it right now. I don't want to rush it.

Emma by Jane Austen
This is my Classic read for the winter. I'm loving it so far.

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  1. I need to re-read Emma again myself! I'm currently watching Emma Approved, so now seems like the right time to dive back in.