Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Review: Need You Now

Need You now is a contemporary story set in a small town in Texas. It deals with the struggles of Darlene Henderson and her family. The Henderson family has left the big city in hopes of raising their children in the safe environment of a small town.They learn throught the story that trouble isn't confined to the city and sometimes the "perfect" child is the one with the real problems.

Darlene Henderson is at a very vulnerable place in life. Her children don't need her as much as they use to. Her husband has a long commute and works long hours to provide for his family. She has moved to a new community and has left her old friends behind. She takes a job at a special need school to fill her days and bring in some extra money. At the school she becomes interested in the father of one of her students. Much of the story line deals with this attraction and the emotional affair she struggles with. Another main part of the plot dealt with Darlene's middle child, Grace. Grace struggles with the move, and begins a downward spiral into self destructive behavior. There is also a third plot dealing with a bitter neighbor.

Overall I enjoyed the book. It was a quick summer read with a good story and interesting, imperfect characters. I thought it dealt realistically with marrital problems and perfectionism. It was a good reminder to me that no child is perfect, and that the one child you think has it all together, may be the one who is falling apart. I think my complaint about the story is that it had too much going on. It seemed like I was reading a condensed version of a series. I would recommend this book to women who enjoy family dramas.

I receive this book for free from Book Sneeze for the purpose of review.

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